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Rehearsal Dinner

I have to write about things before I forget about them because what they said is true - it all flies by.

Rehearsal dinner was Friday. My bridal party (minus Andrea) got mani-pedis that morning, then shoved some food down and immediately changed for the rehearsal at 2pm. Steve and I had to rush to pack the car up because we were checking into the hotel right before the rehearsal's start, and just barely left with enough time to arrive at Canterbury when we were supposed to. The rehearsal itself went well. We ran through it two times, and Uncle Dick maybe seemed a little jittery, but I knew what was supposed to be happening. Together, we guided it along, and I felt confident everything would work out.

After that, Steve and I went back to the hotel to unpack the car. I immediately ripped my dress on one of the hotel fixtures, and Ellie helped me prevent future rippage with hairspray and a hair dryer. We ended up arriving at the rehearsal about twenty minutes late, but that was fine. I gathered the maids up, gave them their gifts (handmade clutches and jewelry from Etsy, with some travel-sized Hada Labo), and I think they all really liked them.

The rest of the evening was just wine and food and talking and laughing. I forget the name of the catering company mom used (In Time? Just in Time?), but it was delicious. A quick run-down: fruit tray, grilled veggie platter, london broil on baguette with horseradish spread, chicken kebabs with two types of dipping sauce, the amazing pesto, pea, and pine nut cavitappi pasta salad, and then a delicious spread of cookies and brownies for dessert.

The party died down around 9pm, and Steve and I took the last of the crap to the hotel and organized everything for the next day. Then, we tried to go to sleep.

And kept trying.

The hotel room AC unit kept banging irregularly throughout the night (think a horse kicking a metal barrel). It was too late and we had too much crap to request a new room and move everything, so Steve and I got maybe five hours of sleep on Friday night. I was about ready to cry that morning. We were both so tired, and we knew we were going to have a crazy day ahead of us. I didn't know how we were going to be able to make it. That was stressful, I will admit, and the rest of the week had been going so smoothly that I was terrified that this would be the start of disaster after disaster.

(Spoiler Alert: It wasn't!)


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