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The Deluge Begins

I applied to eight jobs today - six in DE and two in PA. Unique resumes and cover letters for each one. It was exhausting. What's the point of submitting a resume if you just need to re-enter everything into the company's own format?

I still haven't been given a termination date yet. I don't think we'll be getting them until January. The rumor is they'll be coming down January 4. Either we'll be told to go and given 48 hours, or we'll be assigned to the "transition team", who will clean out labs and ship work to Iowa until March 31, when our site will close down for good. I know being part of the transition team is wise financially, but emotionally, I'd prefer a clean break.

And wouldn't it just be wonderful if one of those eight job applications (though it's more like 11 or 12 at this point...) came through for me?

It's weird, being in competition with my coworkers. Some haven't started the application process. Others have. One of my coworkers reminds me strongly of the over-achieving student after an exam. He wants to look at my resume, have me look at his resume, talk about what companies he's applied to and where have I applied, and oh, he couldn't find much at this one company, but his brother knows a guy who knows a guy, and he might be able to pass his resume around. I want to play this closer to the vest - the less my coworkers know about my job search, the more likely I am to get an interview.

I feel like something has to come up, but it's at times difficult to focus on the positives. I guess I can take solace in the fact that I'm off for the next two work days, and the days I have worked this week have been no where near 8 hours. At least Christmas will be low-key. And productive.

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