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Honeymoon Synopsis

Life has been so busy lately, and I'm neglecting my journaling - both physically and electronically. I know there's at least one or two more entries to make in my honeymoon travel journal which, in retrospect, I should have done while traveling (Merlin knows we had the time...), but didn't because... I don't know why. Maybe I didn't want to accept that it was over yet. Maybe I still don't want to accept it, as I keep dreaming of Mexico and warm places and whales and whale sharks.

It was a largely perfect vacation. The weather was gorgeous. In the mornings, it was in the high 50s/mid-to-low 60s, which meant that all the Baja natives were in long pants, long sleeves, and coats, while all the tourists were in maybe long pants or leggings and t-shirts (maybe light jackets or hoodies). Because the Waxmonsky's hooked us up, we had a Member's Breakfast every day, which was a buffet with slightly fancier items. We also got access to the Premium Bar, which was like all the other bars, but with better liquor (and better quality drinks). The resort itself was great. There was a bit of an issue with chair saving, but we managed to snag prime spots on the beach or by the pool on the days that we wanted. The pool water was cold in the main pool, warmer in the adults only pool, and either cold or scalding hot in the hot tub. Didn't matter - we enjoyed every part of it. There was no ocean swimming, as there was a pretty severe drop-off and the tides were dangerous. We dipped our feet, however, and did some quality swimming elsewhere in the ocean.

Our adventures were exciting and amazing and unbelievable. I'll talk about them in order of my preference, starting with the lowest.

4) Ziplining was pretty cool. I'd never done it before, and the guides had the entire process down to a science. They had been working together for a while, and you could tell that the entire point of their operation was to move people through this course as quickly as possible. There were some longer, uphill hikes to negotiate, but they weren't too strenuous. Some highlights for this adventure were the longest zipline in Mexico, where you go down facefirst (hence its name, the Superman) and reach up to 60 mph. Another highlight was the new Pendulum Drop attraction. I was the first of our group to do it. I was strapped into a harness and told to jump off a cliff five stories high. What a rush! It was terrifying, but physics were on my side. Still felt like I needed a stiff drink afterwards.

3) Booze cruise and snorkeling. This was very fun. We took a bus to Los Cabos, then hopped on a large boat. We saw the Arch, a colony of sea lions, and some whales! Finally, whales! We saw them breaching, and I got a good shot of a tail. We drank, then donned snorkels and fins and hopped into the water for an hour of snorkeling. Steve and I were in the water for about 45 minutes and, alas, I got sunburned. Fortunately, this was later in our trip, so I wasn't miserable for long. On the way back to the marina, there were some kitchy games for people on their honeymoons (woo!), having birthdays or anniversaries, etc. We saw some pretty cool fish, but nothing stunning.

2) Nature walk and camel ride. This gave me a "Is this really my life?" moment. We did a short nature walk along a canyon and saw a roadrunner, which is this tiny bird that eats snakes half at a time. The other half hangs out of its mouth until the half in its gut is digested. Cool, huh? After the walk, we rode camels! Steve and I shared a camel. It was nothing terribly special - a 15-minute, low-energy walk along the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula. But the weather was perfect, the breeze was refreshing, and there were whales jumping in the distance. It was magical. And then there was this amazing Mexican food when we got back. Fresh-made tortillas, which turned into fresh-made quesadillas. Cactus salad, amazing beans, some spicy/sweet beef dish, arroz, and - be still, my heart - mole. Stunning food. Probably the best food we had during the trip.

1) Swimming with whale sharks. This was the best adventure I've ever been on. It took us forever to get to La Paz, which is to the north on the Sea of Cortes and where the whale sharks like to come and nom on plankton in the shallows. We split into two groups, donned wetsuits, grabbed fins and snorkels, and got on the boat. It took us maybe 10 or 15 minutes to find our first shark, and when we jumped in, it was on top of the damn thing. It was terrifying in a good way. They're just so big, but so graceful and beautiful. From then on, it was pretty much non-stop sharks. I got to do pretty much every jump, and swam alongside of them, I swear to the gods, within arm's reach, for several minutes each. It was exhausting work; swimming really takes it out of you! And near the end of the tour, we got to swim with a manta ray, the first one spotted in the area for two years. There was more Mexican food after this, and then we stopped in Todos Santos to see the Hotel California on our way back. It would've been really cool to spend more time in Todos Santos. I guess it's like a little arts and music city, and it had a bunch of shops and bars, and a ton of character.

I'm sad we had to leave, but I suppose brevity is what makes vacations like that so sweet. And it ended very, very well, besides:

I got a new job. 


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