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So Close

Something like 24 days away.

Here's what I've accomplished:

  • Nailed down the cake design and final order. Will send in the final payment by the end of next week.

  • Nailed down the favors and the late night snack. Will make the final payment on both on Tuesday, 9/1.

  • RSVP rate is in the high 90s, and isn't moving. Three more people need meal selections and, if I don't have them by business end this Friday, they are getting chicken.

  • Arranged a service visit for my car.

Here's what I'm working on:

  • Arranging mani/pedis for my maids on Friday, 9/4 before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

  • Tracking down rehearsal dinner RSVPs for mom.

  • Talking with florist about how else the budget can be used.

  • Finishing up the photo booth details (though I think those are mostly nailed down by now).

Here's what I have yet to do:

  • Edit my bridal entrance music.

  • Create two pre-ceremony CDs and put the finished playlist onto my phone (back-ups upon back-ups upon back-ups).

  • Successfully exterminate the spice ant problem in the basement.

  • Send in the final wedding information (due 8/21).

Thankfully, work has been extremely light, so I've been able to be productive there. It's all coming together nicely.



I will not feel guilty about RSVP follow ups.

I have given a generous deadline.

The information I need is easy to give and critically important to the event.

I will not feel guilty about RSVP follow ups.


44 Days To Go

According to the wed-site. Shit's getting real. Shit's feeling real. The bachelorette party and bridal shower were milestones, as was Steve's bachelor party, and now that all are past, it feels like we're in the home stretch.


To say I'm excited for this mess to be over is an understatement. The current drama: the RSVP deadline was yesterday, and we've only received 57% of them. 57%. Really? It's an interesting mix of older and younger and family and friends from both sides; I can't make out an obvious pattern, and I don't feel like trying.

I know a few more will come in today, and probably tomorrow, and probably Saturday. I know I should probably wait before following up. But FUCK THAT. People have had an entire month to get their shit together, and I've waited long enough. For people who have mail issues, or changing addresses, or a shitty postal service, I totally understand and sympathize. But I know that most of the guest list are at least semi-settled. Why procrastinate? And most have been married. Do they not remember the madness of this process?

Ah well. The seating chart is up next. I'm pestering Steve to finalize our tunes. I found a videographer for the "special moments" I want captured. I'm following up with the Salon regarding prep times today, and once I do that, I can start writing a "day of" schedule for the photographers and my bridal party.

Busy, busy, busy!


Two wedding dreams last night, the first infinitely worse than the second.

The first: I could not remember my wedding. It was happening, I was living it, but I couldn't recall it. I couldn't remember saying my vows, I couldn't remember eating, I couldn't remember talking to my photographer. I looked worried in every photo I saw of myself. Never smiling, always concerned.

The second: Steve and I were zombies. We were going to get married, and then he said he wanted to marry someone else, too. I got pissed, but said fine. If he got to marry someone else, then I would, too. And he'd be hot as hell and richer than sin.

I really need these to stop.

Bridal Update

1) Invites are out! We got the last of the addresses in on Wednesday (and I hope now that all of them are still correct - I should probably have checked on a few of my cousins), and Steve printed off the address labels at work. After dinner, I sat down to bang them out. My goal was half (we sent out 103, with 219 people total invited, and a maximum of 220). I was just starting when Steve wandered into the ballroom and offered to help.

Have I mentioned how much I love this man?

We completed all of them, I somehow shoved them all into the mailbox, and out they went Thursday morning. It's really happening. Finally.

2) Bachelorette party. My hair and make-up trial was scheduled for 2pm, and the party was slated to start at 4pm. I planned for about 30 minutes of travel time and thought 1.5 hours would be enough to do my hair and make-up. Nope, it wasn't. I was in the chair until 4:30pm and didn't get home until 5pm. By then, everyone - my bridal party (minus Jill) and all my high school friends (minus Andrea and Romina, but they met us later) had arrived. I did a quick change and then we got down to business. Food was Costco and actually pretty yummy. Games were actually pretty hilarious. Ellie made a two-foot tall penis pinata named Pepe, which she filled with liquor and candy. It rode shotgun home with me, and is currently in the guest room. The comedy club was great, the piano bar was a little lame (I don't think the guys were that talented, and they wouldn't play a raunchy song unless we gave them $20 - as if), and the dance club upstairs was slow at first, but got better. We went to Leo's to sober up and got home around 2am. It was a damn full day, but tons of fun.

3) Hilly's wedding! So great, and not just because she may read this, haha. The food was so top-notch, as was the booze. The desserts? Amazing. Pie for days, and a cake that looked like a pie but was actually cake. Was it a lie, then? The world may never know. I crushed it in Candy Land and had fun playing with sparklers and losing at arcade games. We probably took up too much time in the photobooth.

4) Bridal shower. Overwhelming. I swore 50 people attended, but it was, in fact, only 39 or so. I felt like I didn't have time to talk to anyone as much as I wanted to, and I know it's going to be the same at the wedding. I preemptively feel bad about that. I know some people will probably feel slighted, and a fair amount of people I'll be meeting for the first time - both from my side and Steve's. It's going to be a blur. I'm going to be so stressed. But I'm going to try to be liquored up enough not to care. My car was absolutely loaded with gifts. I did manage to get everything home, but put a little disclaimer on the wed-site to send gifts to PA due to trunk restrictions. I also managed to send out all the 'thank-yous' the next day, which made me feel polite and accomplished.

I'm feeling good about where everything is at regarding planning. I feel organized and ready to start getting these RSVPs in. The idea of a seating charts looms foreboding in the distant July, but I'll cross that bridge later.

Next up, Mary Ellen's wedding. Then Alex's. Then mine. Then Wiggles'. Ridiculous.

In other news, I'm applying for a job I hope I get. It's for a job with DuPont Regulatory which, let's be honest here, would be a ridiculously good fit. We'll see where it goes!

New York City

Center of the universe. I love the stuff in it - Broadway, Central Park, food food food - but can't stand almost everything else about it. Its size, its pace, its self-awareness, and, most of all, its crowds. Nevertheless, it's great to visit for a weekend. Just not every weekend.

Steve got me tickets to "Finding Neverland" for my birthday, featuring Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammer. The show was AMAZING. I had low expectations from reading some reviews that said the story was ill-suited for the stage, but it blew me away. I thought it was adapted wonderfully. The music was great, the acting was great, the sets were dynamic and fun... It was such an experience! I couldn't be more fortunate in my choice of mate. Steve enjoyed it just as much as I did, and he wants to see "Aladdin" on stage, too. And "Book of Mormon". It just makes me so happy that he appreciates theater, and really, I don't understand why more men don't. Theater is a live-action movie. What's not to like??

We saw "Avengers: Age of Ultron" on Friday night. The theater was packed and we got there way too late to get a good seat, so we were in, like, the third row. Sitting that close in a Broadway show? Fantastic. Sitting that close in a comic book movie? Not so much. I feel like I missed a lot of the detail, but may go see it again when Steve travels for work this month.

I submitted my Organizational Behavior final, and it's the penultimate grade I'll get for the class, the final one being the group presentation we'll give on Tuesday. I finished up my soil reading and got most of my homework (due Wednesday) finished, so I'm in really good shape for this month.

Pending a discussion with an MBA adviser tomorrow, I think I'm going to switch out of my non-thesis masters into the MBA program, possibly pursuing a specialization in management. There are several reasons for doing this, all of them valid. I'm a little frightened of making the change, but that's natural. I'm confident I can succeed, and that's half the battle.


A Little Wonky

I got to see my X-rays from the Chiro, and the minute he put them on the screen - without evening starting to explain them to me - I could see the issues (and I thank my anatomy and physical anthropology classes for familiarizing me with bones and the way they should look). L1 through L5 and my sacrum are all a little wonky. L1 and L2 are tilted upwards on left side, and my sacrum is tilted, too. It actually kinda makes sense: my hips were never really even - one always seemed higher than the other, though I thought for a while that my perceptions were colored by general body insecurities.

Anyway, he claims that these subluxations (his term, not mine; fancy-speak for misalignments) are something he can fix in about 18 visits at $60 per visit. Thank Merlin for my HSA. Anyway, I popped for 10 of them and will start them semi-regularly in May. I'm going to insist on another set of X-rays at the end, just to make sure it's money well spent. He gave me my first adjustment on Saturday, and it felt good/bad. Everything popped and maybe I felt taller once I got out (I did have to adjust my rearview mirror), but I'm still stiff and achy. On the plus side, the bone whatnot is unrelated to my back strain (we've decided that's what it is), and the strain itself is getting better with ice and careful movement.

Work kind of exploded. There's been yet another restructuring, this time putting my boss beneath another manager (they used to be on the same level). This makes my boss a middle manager and, ultimately, expendable. This also throws an enormous kink into my career plans. It's known throughout my group that, once my boss retires, I'm the one who will take over the group. It's a smart move - I understand how the group operates, know what needs to happen to keep it moving, am savvy enough to navigate the political and people aspects, and am currently earning a degree that will help make me a very well-rounded manager indeed. However, I do not want to ease into the dreaded position of middle manager. I want to be first-line. I want to be competitive.

This, plus how much I'm enjoying my business classes in comparison to my science classes, is making me consider switching my degree from a PSM (not quite an MS, not quite an MBA) to an MBA. It's more marketable, I can work in any sector, the pay will be better, and - though I'm almost completely untested in business - I think it's something I can: 1) do and 2) be good at. I e-mailed my advisor today and am going to call a good friend who is graduating from MSU's MBA program this May to ask her some questions. I'm also going to talk to my bosses and find out what the deal is. I'm pretty sure one of them is already operating under the assumption that I'm pursuing an MBA, anyway.

I'm so glad the semester is almost over!!

Getting Old(er)

Monday, I fell down the basement stairs. My foot slipped on the carpeted step (an atrocious carpet that I hate, by the way, and now want to remove even more desperately) and slid on my ass down 3/4 of the steps. I was fine - some bruises on my arm and thigh - and the cats were freaked.

Tuesday morning, I jammed my thumb between a cart and a door. It's still tender days later.

Tuesday afternoon, I did something to my back. I was sitting in the hood, working, doing nothing out of the ordinary, not even sitting weirdly that I can remember, and when I get up, a feel like I can't move. My lumbar region is completely tense and pain shoots through my lower back whenever I bend or twist the wrong way. Or walk. I'm gimping around the house and around the lab like I'm 80.

I thought it would go away on Wednesday, but it didn't, and now it's Thursday and worse than ever. My entire body is leaning to the right, from my hips up. I'm going to call a chiropractor when one around me that takes my insurance opens. I don't know why, but they all decided that they should be off Thursday mornings, and they all open around 3pm. I left work early because I really wasn't doing anyone any good there. I'll try to focus on my take-home exam for Organizational Behavior. I might as well make the most out of leaving early, and it's not like I can do anything physical...

TL;DR - I'm glad I'm never turning 27 again. My body is going seriously awry.


Midterm, Logistics

I got a 98% on my Organizational Behavior midterm. Very pleased with that, even though it took me six hours to finish what was allegedly intended to be a three-hour exam. Ah, well. The effort was worth it. I'm well on my way to being reimbursed for that class.

Soils class is another story. I got an 'A' on my first homework assignment (one of four we'll be assigned throughout the semester), but I'm weirdly not happy with it. It's a low A - barely an A, if I'm being honest - and I'm nervous about the midterm, which is in two-ish weeks. I've started typing up my notes, a tried-and-true study technique for me, and I feel kinda comfortable with the material, but I'm not "exam ready" yet. Happily, there's still time, and with spring break being next week, I'll have lots of opportunity to work on it.

Work has been slow this week, too, and I think it will be slow next week as well. I'll probably have the opportunity to continue working on homework at work, which is nice.

I freaked out about the wedding just a bit the other day. I've booked all the important vendors, have worked out some of the smaller details, and really feel comfortable with where I'm at in the planning stages. But the timing of it is really throwing me off. How long will it take us to set up? How long will it take for my hair and make-up? How long will photos take? So much needs to get done before 5:30pm, and it seems like it'll take a miracle for the logistics to actually work out like I want them to.

In other news, Steve and I are going to Las Vegas at the end of September. It'll be our first trip as married people, and we're calling it (or I'm calling it) our Minimoon. He's going to a packaging expo for work, and we're going to spend a few days prior to it seeing the sights. I'm hoping we can get upgrades for the flight, hotel room, and at restaurants. I've also decided that every trip we take for the next few years is going to be our honeymoon. Because why the hell not?

Our Los Cabos honeymoon is almost booked, too.

Lots of exciting things happening!!

Freakin' January, Man

This month has been so stressful work-wise, but rather wonderful home-wise, and I suppose, if I had to choose between the two, I would choose this combination rather than the flipped one.

Absences at work have increased my workload significantly, and I've had trouble adapting to the new routine. I feel like I'm forced to work and move more quickly, and that I'm more prone to missing things - not being able to see, literally see, with my eyes, ingredients that are right in front of my face; mixing up the days; having to stay late because I've managed my time incorrectly. Now combine all that change/pain with machine errors. Et voila, stress.

I have had some successes at work, too. I've become closer to my coworkers, especially those outside of my group, and it's always good to network. I've also gotten commended for my attention to safety (which is a big deal at my company).

In personal news, my new tattoo (oh, yes, I got a new tattoo! An owl for wisdom on my right shoulder, right across from my sparrow.) is pretty much completely healed. Steve and I have officially been engaged for a year, and we spent that "anniversary" in Philadelphia. We visited the Body Worlds: Animals exhibit at the Franklin Institute, and then went to a restaurant week dinner at Zahav, which was awesome, awesome, awesome.

My mom has started her florist investigations. She's given me a heart attack about it once or twice already, but I delegated this to her and I have to trust that she's going to do everything she can to stick to the budget, get me flowers that I don't despise, and (most importantly) not waste money on stupid, useless crap like flower petals or an aisle runner.

I've started knitting as a hobby, and I completed a headband that's a touch too big and riddled with mistakes. I'm weirdly proud of it, even though it slips down around my eyes. I think I'm going to do a scarf next. A fashion-y scarf, not necessarily a function-y scarf.

Tonight is the start of a girls-night weekend, in which I will eat food that's terrible for me, drink entirely too much wine, and watch the new BSB documentary. I'm going to try not to be too wild with the foodstuffs, but I tend to eat my stress.

I'm so glad this month is over.


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