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Las Vegas

We traveled there the last week of September, partly for Pack Expo and partly for our mini-moon. I feel like it actually created more work for me, in terms of school and the house, but it was cool to experience an environment completely unlike anything I'd seen before. The heat was so intense, and it's not even that hot there right now. It was so dehydrating - I know neither of us drank enough water - and I learned that Body Glide is my best friend. I didn't get sunburned, so that's good. Most of Las Vegas is indoors, anyway; the casinos have no incentive to keep people outside.

Las Vegas was like New York City, but more at peace with what it is: an consumer's playground. The casinos were enormous, sprawling, labyrinthine, and overwhelmingly opulent. Here's a list of the ones we went into, in no particular order.

  • Ceasar's

  • Bellagio

  • Luxor

  • Mirage

  • Excalibur

  • New York, New York

  • Treasure Island

  • The Cosmopolitan

  • Planet Hollywood

  • The Flamingo

  • MGM

Some food-related highlights:

  • The Wicked Spoon buffet in the Cosmo, which had a good selection of decent food and a glorious selection of desserts (the standouts being gelato and these amazing vanilla-apricot mousse cones).

  • Secret Pizza in the Cosmo, which was amazing.

  • Joe's in Caesar's, which was a high-end seafood place that gave us free dessert because we were honeymooning. I ate crab claws, lobster tail, and probably the best filet mignon ever.

  • Coke tasting at the Coca Cola store, which was a surprinsg amount of fun.

Some show-related highlights:

  • "O" by Cirque du Soleil - I thought everyone was going to drown. It was great!

  • Absinthe - Probably my favorite one. An 18+ show that was part burlesque, part comedy, part terrifying circus/strongmen acts. There wasn't a bad seat in the house, and the "host" was hilarious.

I'd very much like to go back, as there are some things yet to do (the Stratosphere, the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, eating at BurGR...), but I'm not in any hurry to do it. Even though it's in a desert, I don't think it's going anywhere. 


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