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Mergers and Acquisitions

Word on the street is that DuPont and Dow are planning to merge. I've read at least 15 articles on the subject, and they all seem to agree: barring anti-trust issues, this merger is going to happen. Most likely, it will end in the spinning off of three companies, one each for ag, biosciences, and materials.

Questions abound.

Who is the stronger party in this merger? Some think Dow, others think DuPont, and some think that the merger is being approached as equals?

Where will the company be headquartered? Cost of living is lower in MI, but DE has nice tax incentives for corporations, though I believe rent is higher.

What happens with the Pioneer side of things? We're currently spread out in in two locations in DE and one in IA. Are we going to stay here, or move? Is moving to IA in my future? (I would prefer it not be. Being away from lakes is hard enough, but being entirely landlocked is about as unappealing as it gets. And Iowa, of all places!)

Will I even get to keep my job? DuPont's ag section is larger than Dow's, but that may not mean much. Soy is a strong part of DuPont's pipeline, but that may not mean much, either. Mergers mean redundancies, which means layoffs. I think I've proven myself to be a team player and hard worker, but the higher-ups don't see that. They see a performance rating and a salary number. Fortunately for me, maybe, is that the former is high and the latter low.

Dealing with this kind of uncertainty is difficult. And though these mergers happen slowly, they can spark huge changes, like two galaxies colliding. The best I can do is live life as normal and roll with the changes as they come. But the speculation is killer. I just wish they'd announce something!


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Dec. 12th, 2015 12:25 am (UTC)
Things will work out! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :-)
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