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So Much Has Happened

Since I last posted (April, Merlin's beard), so much good has happened. I've found my niche in my job (not as in, "I've made lots of friends," but rather, "I've become accustomed to working alone."), our homebrewing has taken off and is yielding great results, friends and family have gotten married, announced pregnancies, and bought homes. Steve and I have been on vacations to NY and Atlanta, and on day trips around the PA area - we're in a good place.

And now, Donald Trump has been elected president.

Republicans control the House and the Senate.

The open Supreme Court seat has not yet been filled by Obama.

Republicans control all three branches of government.

The government can do nothing to erase my past happiness, but, if it can fulfill even half of Trump's campaign "promises," I think there's a good chance that finding future happiness will be difficult.

Dramatic, I know. But that feeling is no less real for me right now then the eye-rolling that future-me will have re-reading this.

But consider: Conservatives/Republicans may advocate for a small government, but how can you decrease something that is in every aspect of our lives? Infrastructure, research, global trade, the economy, civil liberties, human rights... The government has a role to play in all of it. I think of all the progress we've made over the last eight years - marriage equality, a woman's right to choose still being her choice, an imperfect implementation of socialized medicine, a path out of the Great Recession, strong diplomatic relationships with countries that deserve them and more cautious alliances with those that don't - and I can't help but wonder if this one night, this one monumental election, will undo all of it.

I hope I'm wrong. I fear I'm not.

And yet, the cynical side of me won't rest. We are obviously a nation deeply divided; we have been for a long time. But with Trump's win, we now know how we are divided, the ratios of it. The majority of our nation are racists, misogynists, rape apologists, homophobic, and xenophobic. The majority of our nation is controlled by fear and resistant to change.

Fine. So be it.

Let's sleep in our bed, America. This is who we are, and this is who we want to continue being for the next four years. Okay. Let's do it. Let's take a snapshot now, and another four years from now, and let's compare. If we're better off, great. And if we're not...

I told you so.

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